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Welcome to the TWW Forums! It's great to see you.

There are currently nine forums in the TWW Communities thus far with more to be added as warranted.  All forums are for adults.

Besides the Community Administration forum, there is:

  • Sexual Assault Forum
  • Political Forums
    • Democratic Party
    • Republican Party
    • Independents
    • Political Salad
  • Career Forum

Sexual Abuse Forum

The subject of sexual abuse is very difficult to discuss, but talking to other women who have had similar experiences is one way to find support and validation. That's why this is a designated safe space within the larger TWW Community. Unless there is an obvious troll, or a story that simply does not ring true by any objective standard, recitations of events will not be questioned. Period. Victims need to be believed, first and foremost. Too many of us were told we'd "misunderstood" or were "liars" or "consented" to unwanted advances. So many more women didn't even try to disclose for fear of being blamed or discounted. Well, no more. Not here.

By participating in the Sexual Abuse Forum, users acknowledge that it is no replacement for professional counseling, but can be an adjunct. No member here can offer professional psychological or medical advice. What can be offered is the benefit of experiences that might work for others in similar circumstances and eyes and hearts that see and feel the extremely difficult circumstances sexual assault victims and survivors face. If someone is participating in Sexual Abuse Forum, it's because she's been there or is very close to someone else who has.

Sexual Abuse Forum is different from the others because it is specifically for women who want help and who want to help. It often takes time to feel comfortable enough to open up about the traumas in our pasts. That's fine. That's OK. It's just as OK to want to tell everything all in one sitting. Sometimes we sit on the details of our traumas for so long that we simply must get it all out all at once. The important thing is to give voice to your reality.

Traumas aren't pretty. They can be triggering to recount and triggering to read. PLEASE PRACTICE SELF CARE. As true as that may be, don't be afraid to share. Those who can help will help. Those who can't help right now may be able to do so later. Their inability is no reflection at all on any individual member who shares. It is a part of their process just as sharing is a part of the writer's process. Also understand that it will take time for this community to build itself. I'm here. It may take me a few hours to notice a new post, but I will notice it. If no one else is around, I will be.

These very few, simple rules and suggestions will probably grow more complex as the need warrants. Sometimes, it is impossible to know what's needed until the need arises. Therefore, please check back when a new rule or condition is announced. In the meantime, respect each other. Care for each other. 

Report any abusive or problematic posts to

Political forums

The other forums extant as of this writing are for political discussion. The 2016 election cycle is a wild, divisive ride that is unprecedented in its ugliness in modern times. Nevertheless, democracy is a system of government that works in the United States. Usually. This cycle will be studied for decades because it presents a turning point, but no one knows what's around the corner. Questions will be raised concerning how our political parties got to their current state and many a tome will be written about how to repair the damage.

There is so much going on that I thought it might be good to discuss topics even if they do not come up in any particular article. It's impossible to cover everything, especially state and local elections. That doesn't mean there's nothing to cover. It would be fabulous if participants shared their views of the election and what's happening in their neck of the woods. However, in doing so, there absolutely must be some semblance of respect. Racist memes and epithets will not be tolerated at all. Anyone who posts racist material will be permanently blocked. There will be no second chance! 

Just as racist memes and epithets will not be tolerated, neither will ridicule of disabled people. Please refrain from using words like "crip," "cripple," "gimp" and the like. They are considered pejorative no matter who uses them. 

Political discussions are often rough and tumble. That is to be expected at times. However, TWW reserves the right to end any discussion that becomes disruptive at the admin's discretion. Because "rough and tumble" can easily turn into the written equivalent of shouting and throwing vases, there are separate spaces for discussion by identify with a political party. That is not to say that all subjects have to do with the specific party for which the forum is named. Democrats discuss Republicans and Independents; Republicans discuss Democrats and Independents, and; Independents talk about everyone. If the topic is political, but doesn't fall neatly into the Democratic, Republican or Independent forums, then by all means put it in the Political Salad forum. It was meant to be a catchall, including discussion of non-U.S. elections and politics.

The over-arching theme in all forums is that participants should treat each other with respect. It is often difficult, but that's the only way to coexist in the same general space. If someone is being abusive, please contact

Have fun!


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