I am one frustrated woman sitting in front of my laptop. Thank you Go Daddy!

I am one frustrated woman sitting in front of my laptop. Thank you Go Daddy!

I sent a screen capture of an error message I didn’t have before Go Daddy’s techs attempted to fix my original problem on Day 5. I also sent yet another traceroute showing the exact same thing: I cannot reach WickedWomanMag.com from my laptop on any consistent basis. When I do get in, the server is so slow that I end up sitting and wasting a lot of time. That’s when I know that I will eventually get kicked out. Therefore, it becomes a matter of what I can do in how short a time.

I didn’t hear from the supervising tech today, Day 6, so I phoned to make sure that he received my e-mail. After being caught in meetings all day, he did respond to my e-mail. Unfortunately, he didn’t do anything but irritate the hell out of me. The traceroutes from my network show the packet experiencing an interruption on the third hop, but then re-routes to an alternate server and continues on its way. That’s exactly what it’s supposed to do. Having a hop time out is fairly normal. To say that all of the problems I have are based on one hop timing out is ludicrous when the packet re-routes and continues on until it gets to the target network but can’t go any further because, depending on how many hops each traceroute server allows, it times out on anywhere from seven to 41 hops on the Go Daddy network.

To combat this idiocy, I decided to prove beyond any doubt that the problem was not mine and not with AT&T, my service provider. It is possible to perform traceroutes via the Internet, something I didn’t know until one of the Go Daddy techs told me. Well, that’s what I did. I performed a total of five, each from a different city: Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Nashville and Milwaukee. Each and every one of them stopped at approximately the same place, but all within the Go Daddy internal network. Doing this bypassed my network and AT&T. I also more or less demanded, in a polite manner, that this problem be escalated because this is the end of the sixth continuous day of intermittent connectivity. Everyone has limits to their abilities and knowledge. There is no shame in that. However, I can’t afford to have someone reach that limit and not fix my problem.

I have to face the possibility that my site won’t open until the first week in May because I will have to change hosts and I don’t have the funds to switch now. As it is, I’m probably not going to be able to pay someone else. I just have to figure out who I can talk into waiting. Every dime has been put into WWM, survival OR is still sitting with the IRS because I haven’t filed my taxes for a couple of years, nor have I filed Mom’s last tax return. I kept the money there on purpose because I didn’t want to spend it. I don’t owe any taxes. I have no idea if Mom owed any for the last year of her life. I have found that she took a great many liberties with the truth when she was alive, but my lawyer has talked to the IRS and, I think, came to some sort of agreement about at least the taxes from the few months she was alive in 2012.

Moving hosting sites means packing up all my stuff and porting it over to a new host. My understanding is that it can be done properly. However, I’ve read too many topics in the WordPress Support Forum where people have not done it well and had a huge mess on their hands. Fortunately, I do know my way around a computer. I even grudgingly remember Windows when I absolutely have to, although I don’t know much about it beyond Windows XP. What I don’t know about UNIX, I can read in the books I have here. Actually, the flavor of UNIX used by most hosts is LINUX. It’s close enough that I can figure it out–I think. Sorry, but I do prefer BSD.

Today I decided that I needed to work on the rest of my life. My poor babies have suffered enough. They haven’t had me because I’ve either been buried in research, writing or “taking time for myself.” Today was their day. I found a rake and cleared out all the leaves that fell in their ex-pen this past fall along with the branches from a couple of bad storms we had between fall and winter. The weather is getting better and they are anxious to get out. Micki goes out with me every day, even if just for a few minutes as I clean the yard. She has a pine tree she can sit or lay under as I do whatever. She was so excited to see “her” ex-pen getting cleaned up I thought she’d pull the branch she was hanging on right out of the tree. I allowed her a few minutes in it when I was finished, just by herself.

My body is not taking this situation well. I’ve been sublimating my anxiety in any number of ways. When I’m writing, I don’t feel at all. I am so focused that nothing penetrates. I’ve used this time to do more research on my feature subject and realized that this will probably be a four-part series as opposed to a three-part series. I even revised the first installment that was published on April 1. The subject is definitely deserving because this is a fascinating story, to say the least. I’ve also shopped vicariously, which was a great deal of fun. However, having to make decisions about what pieces would go into the accompanying article meant hard choices. Again, the graphics took a great deal of time. Not only did I have to choose the one (or sometimes two) items among hundreds, but I had to do so while keeping in mine which ones would present better online.

That’s it for the moment. I will keep everyone advised as to the status of WickedWomanMag.com. I will go in and change the launch page when I can. This is a very aggravating situation, but I will make it through. More importantly, WWM will make it through. I have no doubt of that. I just have to figure out how to survive for the next seven weeks or so. Keep checking Facebook.

Oh! I don’t know how I could forget to say this, but Words From A Wicked Woman will be moving. If, by some miracle, Go Daddy gets its act together, TWW will move there. If not, then it will move to the new host. It will be necessary to reach TWW by typing thewickedwoman.wordpress.com by the last week in April. It doesn’t make sense to renew my subscription on this end if I’m planning to move the blog. I know that it’s an inconvenience, but it has to be done.

I just wanted to post here to tell readers that I’ve decided to post further updates about WickedWomanMag.com and the GoDaddy.com situation on the WWM Facebook page. I will definitely come back here when I feel like screaming or saying things I don’t feel completely comfortable writing so very publicly. Thank you all for your support.

Woman crying

Frustration, anger, resilience.

I am emotionally exhausted, angry and nearly in tears. I chose to host WickedWomanMag.com on GoDaddy.com because they’d handled my domains for years and always been great. I don’t know what happened, but for the last month, their tech people have been treating me as though I was an idiot when I’ve called to tell them that I suddenly couldn’t reach WWM for no apparent reason. There have been three outages, each longer than the last. All together, I’ve lost at least two precious days when I needed to work. The roll-out began on April 1; was supposed to be complete by April 4; then, I had to change that to April 8 because I had a plumbing emergency in my home. Days have been lost due to GoDaddy.com, although this started a month ago and a small portion of that time was already taken into consideration. Still, all I can say is that the full roll-out should be finished by around April 9 or 10. That is ridiculous! Even I am disgusted and frustrated.

Here is the complaint I filed with ComplaintList.com detailing my problems with them. I had to tell someone since I really am upset. I’m watching my magazine suffer because of a series of things that were either stupid distractions like my plumbing problems or because of crap like this.

I am desperately trying to get new online magazine for women off the ground. I chose GoDaddy.com to host the site because I’d registered several domains with them for years and had always received great service. That is not the case For the last month or so, my site hosted by GoDaddy.com has mysteriously gone down in the midst of me working on it. I called tech support the first time and was told that it was my browser cache, so I clear that. Then, I was told that it was my browser, Safari. I re-started Safari. Then, I was asked if I had another browser installed and that I should try reaching the page through that. I got a similar error saying that it could not reach the website. Finally, they said that it was AT&T’s fault because, according to their INTERNAL diagnostics, there was no problem. THEY could reach my site. Yeah, well, I would expect as much since they’re on the same network. I knew that this wasn’t AT&T because I could reach any other site on the Internet except my own.

The same thing happened a second time. I didn’t bother to call because I wasn’t in the mood to have my intelligence insulted.

Finally, around midnight on April 6, 2014, my site mysterious became unreachable AGAIN. I phoned because I was furious and was determined to get this business addressed pronto. I was given the same set of excuses. As with the first time, they were all wrong. The only difference is that this time, tech support told me to unplug my AT&T access point and plug it in again so that it would re-boot. I did. Nothing. Absolutely nothing changed. Mind you, by this time, I’d insisted on a supervisor because that woman who put me through most of this was the epitome of an airhead.

By the time I got off the phone with these people, I couldn’t speak I was so angry. I stewed for hours, unable to reach my site and with a TON of work to do. Then, around 4:40 a.m., it occurred to me; Why not run a traceroute? There are times when I forget that I’ve been on the Internet longer than a lot of these kids have been alive. Thank God for my UNIX routes and for Darwin on Mac OS X!

Well, that traceroute proved what I’d been saying for a month. The problem was, indeed, with GoDaddy’s servers. Packets got through AT&T just fine, but stopped cold when they got to GoDaddy. I sent them e-mail offering to send them the traceroute and the WHOIS data that shows the problem server belongs to them. No response. I ran another traceroute around 9:30 p.m. Sure enough, packets stopped at the GoDaddy servers. I took screen captures of the error messages on both Safari and Firefox; placed both traceroutes in a folder; tried to zip it, but somehow screwed that up; phoned tech support again and told them that I had proof that they were the problem and that I was tired of being jerked around by them.

The tech I reached after waiting 18 minutes for a return call, was actually rather OK this time. He asked me to e-mail copies of the traceroutes. He tried something or another that proved fruitless and handed the information off to his supervisor. I am sitting on hold awaiting some resolution as I am writing this.

My site has been unavailable to me for 23 hours this time. All together, I’ve been down for at least two additional days. The frustration I’ve felt has been impossible to work with and I’ve lost all that time when I needed to write and do site design and maintenance. I am still angry and still probably going to change hosts, but the techs have apologized and acknowledged their error. That’s something, but not enough. GoDaddy is giving me a month of free hosting. Again, that’s something, but I don’t know if that’s enough. My intelligence has been insulted at every turn with them until tonight. I am angry. My experiences never should have happened. If I’d been on a Windows box without Linux, GoDaddy would STILL be saying that the problem was on my end.

I can’t recommend this company. I’m going to get my site up and then decide whether to move it. Chances are that it will be moved if for no other reason than I will not allow someone to treat me in such a cavalier manner. The technicians did almost no diagnostics until *I* proved that the problem was with GoDaddy. That’s not my job; it’s theirs. So, extra month or not, they’ve more than likely lost me. Too bad.

WickedWomanMag.com launches April 1We are thrilled to announce that WickedWomanMag.com will make its debut Tuesday April 1, 2014!

WickedWomanMag.com is a publication that values the intelligence, interests and careers of all women. We know that you are ambitious, astute, intellectually curious, discriminating (in all the best ways), civic-minded and stylish. We also know that you are so over mags only willing to tell you about your sex life, unbalanced frivolity and other people’s sex lives. We know because we are you.

From history-making achievements to philanthropy to the latest spring fashions, there is something for all women of substance . . . and possibly a guy or two. The common thread is that we write about the exceptional. Our goal is to reach higher and to help you do the same.

Be a trendsetter and register for our e-mail list to stay informed about all things shamelessly wicked. Then, join us on April 1, 2014 for our grand opening and bring your friends. Above all, dare to be extraordinary!

I watched last night’s telecast of the 2014 Grammy Awards live although I recorded it on my DVR. I am so very glad that I did both. Like most viewers, I was surprised by the mass marriage officiated by singer/songwriter/rapper/actress Queen Latifah, and preceded by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s “Same Love” (featuring Mary Lambert), of couples from all walks of life. They were mixed-race, same-sex, different sex-same race and any and all permutations in between. In total, 33 couples chose to be legally married in the State of California by rap’s beautiful ebony Queen herself in a ceremony that included Madonna singing a slow version of her 1986 hit “Open Your Heart.”</p?

I have watched reaction to the event spread over the Internet throughout the night. I happened to be on Facebook when the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force asked for comments on the night’s most memorable and emotional performance. Most people, both LGBT and straight, were elated. Then again, if someone is following NGLTF (or “The Taskforce” as they wish to be known these days), that person is probably already at least an ally. Hence, the fact that at least 90% of the comments were positive shouldn’t be surprising. What I did find surprising is the 10% who were the marriage equality equivalent of Scrooge and seemed either totally removed from the struggles we as LGBT face or couldn’t care less about marriage equality as if it were some kind of frivolous nonsense. As someone who has lived at least 20 years of her life as a lesbian and, even now, am living as a female-identified bisexual woman, I can say that marriage equality is by no means frivolous. I don’t care if I never have to avail myself of the right to marry someone of the same sex, I want to know that I could if the right person came into my life. How ass-backwards for someone to disparage me, and those like me, for daring to want the same things that heterosexuals take for granted! Are LGBT people, other than the comment authors, doing so wonderfully that we can afford to dismiss any right we have won with a lot of silver, blood, sweat and not a few tears? I don’t believe so.

There is a part of the positive commentary that bothers me, however. Most viewers didn’t notice that there were mixed race couples marrying as well. Until mixed race marriage was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in Loving v. Virginia in 1967, it was illegal in many states (if not most) for whites to marry anyone who wasn’t white. Miscegenation laws specifically prevented blacks and whites from marrying, very often using biblical references as the reason. Does that sound at all familiar? Therefore, when Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, with Mary Lambert performed “Same Love,” they really did mean marriage equality for all people–not LGBT, not straight, not same ethnicity/race. All people. What is it about “all” that some do not understand?

In closing, I would like to thank the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences for their support of marriage equality. I was so filled with gratitude, joy, wonderment and vicarious pride that I cried. State Defense of Marriage Act-like statutes are being struck down by courts throughout the country. It will not be long before “Same Love” will be the law of the land. In case there is any doubt whatsoever, even though WickedWomanMag.com is not quite open yet, we stand for marriage equality for ALL people over the age of consent. Equality for all is at the heart and soul of WWM and always will be. If someone can say to you that you are not allowed to love and commit to another person because of your sex, gender expression, race or ethnicity, then you are not viewed as equal. It is as simple as that.

Here is the YouTube video of last night’s heartfelt performance.

WickedWomanMag.com logo

WickedWomanMag.com beta testing this afternoon.

Readers of this blog know that I’ve been saying that there would be a new magazine coming that grew out of TWW. Well, it will be here January 1, 2014. I even have a time in mind, but I don’t want to spoil it just yet.

I’m writing here because I am both promoting the new mag and asking if anyone would be willing to beta test the site between 6:05p and 10p this evening. I was on the phone with a source who will be “going off the grid” for the next year and it was more than worth putting the beta back for an hour. As I said in my original post, I have a small sampling of articles available to use as test pieces and various links one would find on any site. I’m really curious as to whether my “Go LIVE!” plan will work. To see if it will, get to the site at the very beginning. If it doesn’t work, then I’ll make the necessary adjustments. Leave a note via the Contact form for any errors you encounter that aren’t already apparent (for example, I know that some pages won’t be there) and I’ll attempt to get them taken care of by tomorrow. And, if you’d like, register as a user. Indeed, PLEASE DO because you can test out Comments that way.



Over 50, 000 served

Posted: December 22, 2013 in Blogging, General

I checked the stats on this blog for the first time in a couple of months. To my great surprise, even though I haven’t really paid TWW much attention and have focused almost all my love on WickedWomanMag.com, (WWM), the blog has hit a major milestone. As of Tuesday, December 17, 2013, there have been 50,000+ hits. As of an hour or so ago, we were well on our way to 51,000. This makes up for the absolutely rotten holiday season I’m having . . . kind of.